showing up in hamtramck

Hamtramck, Michigan’s emergency protest against Trump’s executive order.


During the past two years, I sat out a lot.  I had a clerkship that required political neutrality, so while I felt especially drawn to Black Lives Matter ally work, I never felt like I could be caught on camera protesting.  I also wanted to spend any extra time I had with my baby and husband.

When the 2016 election season was in full force and my job had ended, I also skipped out on diving into election work.  While I was watching my baby become a toddler, I leaned on others to do the protesting and writing and lawyering, work that I knew needed to be done.  I believe that sometimes we have to sit out a round in order to be kind to ourselves.  But most of the time, we need to show up.

While in Detroit for my Mom’s birthday, I read about Trump’s reckless executive order banning many Muslim immigrants from entering the U.S.  I got a text of outrage from my sister, who is an entrepreneur in Detroit, and later a text to see if I wanted to meet her at the rally in Hamtramck today.   So I went.  I was grateful that she had held me accountable and was proud to be part of something important.

Did you protest the ban?  How?  Where?


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